Field Training


Field Experiences:
Each IGERT trainee, independent of academic program, will receive field training in current agricultural practices, biomass conversion, engineering design, and rural sociology. Above an agronomy Ph.D. student is standing next to photo-period-sensitive sorghum for a research evaluation. IGERT trainees will participate in hand-harvesting and then observe modern, full-scale mechanized processing.

Small groups of trainees will visit agricultural production facilities for excursions (three to five days long) in spring (during planting); summer (growing season, water use issues); and fall (harvesting, transport).  Exact dates and duration of each training excursion will depend upon the crop of interest.  While on location, students will interact with local producers and citizens of the community to learn more about the perspective of rural communities with respect to agricultural production and biofuels. 

Training excursions are made to biofuels production facilities normally during summer months.